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coolskyn sportswear footballCoolskyn is a high performance 100% polyester fabric developed specifically to keep the wearer dry, cool & comfortable in all working conditions and climates.

Unrivalled in its sector Coolskyn garments have passed the following tests:

  • Vertical Wicking – Shirley Method 28
  • Colourfastness to light BS EN ISO 105-BO2: Method 2
  • Colourfastness to washing BS EN ISO 105-CO6:E2S (95ºC), C2S (60ºC)
  • Colourfastness to chlorinated water BS EN ISO 105-EO3, sea water 105-EO2, water 105-EO1, perspiration 105-EO4
  • Resistance to Piling BS EN ISO 12945-1:2001,36,000 revolutions (10 hours)
  • Water Vapour Permeability BS 7209: App B 1990 (1997)
  • Dimensional Stability BS EN25077:1994- 60º, 75º
  • Ultra Violet Protection EN13758-1, Certified UVPF 50 + (dark colours) and UVPF 30+ (White).
  • Dry linting propensity BS6909
  • Anti Static PR EN 12477:1996, PR EN 1149-2, PR EN 1149-3:2001

The Technology Stripped Back

ultra rapid moisture transfer

Ultra Rapid Moisture Transfer – otherwise known as ‘Stay Dry Technology’ - Coolskyn wicks away sweat, transporting it to the face of the fabric where it evaporates, expelling the feeling of coldness and avoiding ‘skin cling’.

colour retention

Colour Retention - Tough and durable, it delivers constant retention of colour and shape and is colourfast to saltwater, sun and chlorine

ultimate pill resistance

Ultimate Pill Resistance - Appearance is everything. The surface area is built for heavy use and repetitive movement. It fights abrasion.

water vapour permeability

Water Vapour Permeability - As the body turns up the heat, Coolskyn comes alive. Water Vapour is pulled through the fabric and it ‘breathes’.

dimensional stability

Dimensional Stability - Created for extreme wear and washing, the nature of the weave laughs in the face of shrinkage.

uv protection

UV Protection - The ultimate sunblock for hard core sports. Coolskyn blocks 98% of UV radiation.

Anti Static Fabric - Coolskyn's anti static properties will reduce the amount of static within the workplace.

made for action


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